Meditation and Sharpie Marker Mugs

Blogger: Ava and Emily

Today in class we did a lead meditation at the beginning of class. We used an app you can get on your phone called Breathe. Meditation is very relaxing and you can do it sitting, standing, lying down, in whichever position is comfortable for you. You can close your eyes of keep them open.

Meditation helps you have a good mental state as well as makes you feel better. After our calming meditation, we were able to write in our journals about anything we wished. We looked at some ideas of journaling thoughts to write about on Pinterest. The last activity we started was decorating mugs with sharpie oil-based markers. You can get these at almost any store, but they might be cheaper at Meijer. To make these cute sharpie mugs, you get a plain mug and draw a design of your choice and wait for three days and then bake it.


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